At Andrejs Management Inc., we understand the critical role that specialized inspections play in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your property’s mechanical and structural components. Collaborating with trusted professionals, we facilitate these inspections to ensure your property operates at its best potential. Our commitment to specialized inspections contributes to the functionality and durability of your property’s mechanical and structural systems.

Mechanical Inspections:

To maintain optimal performance, it is essential to conduct inspections of all mechanical equipment, such as pumps, motors, boilers, and fans. These inspections are carried out at the manufacturers’ suggested intervals. Our team collaborates with experts in the field to conduct thorough inspections and maintain equipment according to industry standards. Any issues identified during inspections are promptly reported to the Property Manager for resolution.

Structural Inspections:

Regular engineering inspections of walls, roofs, and garages are essential to identify potential issues such as water penetration, weak caulking, or flashing problems. By conducting these inspections, we proactively address structural concerns and ensure the integrity of your property. Reports detailing any identified problems are submitted to the Property Manager, facilitating timely action and maintenance.

Seasonal Operations:

To ensure the seamless transition between seasons, our team conducts comprehensive inspections and trains staff to prepare all systems and building areas accordingly. This proactive approach helps prevent potential problems and ensures that your property is operating as required. Our Property Manager provides a detailed report on any areas of concern, enabling prompt resolution and maintenance.

Elevator Survey:

Regular elevator inspections are crucial for safety and efficiency. Every three to five years, we engage independent elevator consultants to conduct thorough surveys of all elevators. These inspections identify any potential issues and generate comprehensive reports. The reports are then shared with the contractor and Property Manager to address any problem areas promptly.

Energy Monitoring:

For properties equipped with energy monitoring/control systems, we conduct annual checks to ensure they are operating within set parameters. Monitoring the system’s performance helps optimize energy usage and identify any potential problems. Our team submits reports to both the contractor and Property Manager to address any identified issues.


We believe in transparency and effective contract management. Prior to the renewal of any contract, we present the Board with three quotations, accompanied by a complete breakdown of costs versus the budget. The Board is empowered to select the proposal that best suits the needs of the Corporation. Our diligent approach to contract management ensures that cost-effective decisions are made while meeting the highest standards of service.


At Andrejs Management Inc., we prioritize specialized inspections and effective contract management to ensure optimal property performance. By collaborating with trusted professionals, we address mechanical and structural concerns, facilitate seasonal operations, conduct elevator surveys, monitor energy usage, and manage contracts transparently. Our commitment to these practices contributes to the longevity, efficiency, and functionality of your property. Trust Andrejs Management Inc. to provide comprehensive solutions that prioritize the well-being and performance of your property.