Our Approach

With more than two decades of expertise in the property management industry, Andrejs is your trusted partner for GTA property management. Our seasoned team includes senior managers, property managers, assistants, and dedicated accounting and administrative staff. We have diligently studied and comprehended our clients’ requirements, resulting in the creation and enhancement of valuable resources that optimize condominium operations. Our commitment to continual improvement is matched by our unwavering dedication to delivering consistent, top-notch service to our esteemed clients. Choose Andrejs for reliable and exceptional GTA property management solutions.


The Condominium Industry is in a constant state of flux. Recent updates to governing laws and advancements in technology require us to continuously adapt and upgrade our property management systems. By staying informed and efficient, we have gained a competitive edge in the market and maintained a strong client base in the Condominium sector.

To ensure we meet our clients’ expectations, we actively sought their input on key concerns such as financial reporting, cost control, property maintenance, administration, and resident and employee relations. We discovered that our clients’ goals align closely with our own objectives. They have set high performance standards for us, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service to your Condominium.

With our extensive knowledge and understanding of the unique requirements of property management, we are committed to upholding the highest industry standards. We aim to serve your Condominium for many years to come, offering the expertise, continuity, and exceptional service that you deserve.