Our Services

At Andrejs Management Inc., our extensive experience and expertise in the property management industry make us the ideal choice for effectively managing your condominium. With a dedicated team comprising senior managers, property managers, assistants, and skilled accounting and administrative staff, we have the necessary resources to meet your needs.

We have invested significant effort in understanding the unique requirements of our clients. This has driven us to design and develop new resources and solutions that enhance the overall operation of the condominiums we manage. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, providing innovative and efficient services.

We take pride in delivering a consistent and dedicated level of service to our valued clients. Our comprehensive approach to property management includes assigning a specialized Property Manager who is specifically chosen to match your specific requirements. They are supported by a knowledgeable and experienced team that strives to deliver the best and most cost-effective service possible.

With our comprehensive and professional management services, you can trust us to handle all aspects of your condominium with expertise and efficiency. We prioritize client satisfaction and aim to provide the highest standard of service that meets and exceeds your expectations. Choose Andrejs Management Inc. for reliable, tailored property management solutions that ensure the smooth operation of your condominium.


  • complete accounting services as per G.A.P.
  • receivables & payables, processing and banking
  • timely maintenance fee collection
  • payroll administration
  • budget preparation
  • revenue & expenditure control and analysis
  • computerized reporting systems
  • investment of condominium surplus funds
  • review reserve fund based on an independent reserve fund study
  • preparation of all working papers for auditors


  • 24 hour emergency coverage
  • supervision of all trades and suppliers
  • preparation of workloads and schedules and evaluation of staffing requirements
  • site personnel supervision/hiring/training/evaluation
  • monthly building & property inspections
  • preventative maintenance programs
  • Fire Plan Formulation & Fire Safety instruction
  • guidance on acquisition of insurance & appraisals
  • contract tendering administration & supervision
  • the acquisition and scrutinization of all tenders
  • energy management
  • implementation of Government regulations as they apply to the property


  • establishment of excellent resident relations
  • enforcement of the Condominium Act, Declaration, by-laws and Rules
  • preparation of Status Certificates
  • preparation for and organization of all condominium meetings
  • monthly manager’s report to the Board and attendance at all regular Board meetings
  • maintaining Register of Owners
  • assistance, if required, in the preparation of a “Welcome” information package for all new residents
  • assistance, if required, in the preparation of the corporation’s newsletter

Your Benefits

With our expert team managing your building, the benefits to you will be countless. We will provide you with comprehensive, professional management that will result in maximized revenues and minimized expenditures for your condominium. The Board’s involvement may be as limited or as extensive as they wish.


Most Corporations are concerned with problems that may develop during the transition from one Management firm to another. With our experience, we can guarantee as smooth a turnover as possible. If we were awarded the contract, we would commence immediately to work closely with the existing Management and Board of Directors. In the beginning whatever additional time is required will be spent at no additional cost to the Corporation. We will not come in and make sweeping changes. We listen to the Board, we will review all aspects of your present operation and make the necessary recommendations and implement as directed by the Board.

Building Inspection List

With the use of our Building Inspection list your Property Manager is provided with a breakdown of daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance requirements for your building. This list is a guideline that prompts each Manager to inspect, order or perform all of the numerous ongoing tasks that are required to ensure the professional, smooth operation of multi-residential sites today. All areas of administration, health and safety and mechanical, structural and landscape maintenance are included. The Building Inspection list will be tailored to suit your building and your Property Manager will maintain this list on a monthly basis and submit it to Andrejs Head Office for review by Senior Management, and if requested by the Board.

Our Expertise

The expertise we have gained over the years will ensure the most efficient and cost-effective management of your condominium project.


Please refer to the Volume Purchase Power Section

Preventive Maintenance

All the Property Managers at Andrejs are trained in the philosophy of preventive maintenance in all areas of building operations. We believe that planned, timely maintenance of structural and mechanical building components will extend their useful life and reduce costly breakdowns.


There are inspections that should be performed from time to time, by engineers or contractors and not the Property Manager. These inspections are invaluable in ensuring that the mechanical and structural components operate at optimum efficiency and for the full extent of their useful life.

Mechanical Inspections

Inspections should be carried out of all mechanical equipment to ensure that the pumps, motors, boilers, fans etc. are maintained at manufacturers suggested levels. A report concerning any problems will be submitted to the Property Manager.

Structural Inspections

An engineering inspection should be made of the walls, roofs and garages of your building to look for areas of potential water penetration, weak caulking, flashing problems etc. A report concerning any problems will be submitted to the Property Manager.

Seasonal Operations

Your building is inspected and staff is trained to ensure that all systems and building areas are properly prepared and operating as required for the appropriate season. The Property Manager will submit a report concerning any problem areas.

Elevator Survey

Every three to five years an independent elevator consultant should be hired to inspect all elevators. A report concerning any problem areas will be submitted to the Contractor and Property Manager.

Energy Monitoring

Where a building has installed an energy monitoring/control system, we will check the operation at least once each year to ensure it is performing within the set parameters. A report concerning any problems will be submitted to the contractor and Property Manager.


Three quotations are presented to the Board prior to the renewal of any contract. Complete breakdown of costs vs. budget will be provided. The Board’s decision is to select the proposal it feels best suits the needs of the Corporation.


In addition to preventive maintenance services we at Andrejs believe that it is important that both our staff and the staff of the Corporation are trained in all areas that affect job performance. Because of the existing legislation respecting the workplace, it is important that staff is acquainted with the changes in order to protect everyone from potential dangers. We provide the necessary training with the assistance of our suppliers. Areas addressed are: Building Operations, Mechanical, Air-conditioning and ventilation, First Aid/CPR, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems, Health & Safety.

Monthly Staff Meetings

It is important for Management and Staff to meet regularly throughout the year to discuss and resolve any operational problems and introduce new ideas to improve relations and working conditions


One of our suppliers has been assisting us in training staff in the best methods of building cleaning and proper use of chemicals and janitorial equipment.

Superintendent Training

The superintendent and all other maintenance staff will be trained to: take daily log readings of building equipment, perform regular scheduled testing of emergency generator in accordance with Ontario Fire Code, react properly power failures, maintain building heating and cooling, be familiar with location of the valves and be able to isolate main and risers valves, understand all building maintenance and responsibility of the contractors, maintain time logs for contractors.