Our Mission

As a leading provider of property management services in Toronto, our mission at Andrejs Management Inc. is to deliver the utmost quality in property management. Our goal is to enhance property values for unit owners while fostering positive relationships with both the Board of Directors and owners. With a dedicated and passionate management team, we strive to provide professional and enthusiastic service that exceeds expectations. Trust us to meet your Toronto property management needs and elevate your property’s value.

Our Expectations & Beliefs

Owners and Tenants
  • We believe in keeping a close relationship and listening to what they have to say in order to develop an understanding of the market we serve
  • We believe that we should treat each resident with respect
  • We believe that information entrusted to us is to be kept confidential
  • We believe in enhancement of property value
  • We believe in working as a team
  • We believe in placing “we” before “I”
  • We believe showing leadership
  • We believe in listening
  • We believe in honesty and integrity
  • We believe in challenging our staff to be the best they can be
  • We believe in providing learning opportunities for staff to strengthen their skills and capabilities
  • We believe in treating employees fairly
  • We believe in ensuring fair compensation for effort
Directors of the Board
  • We believe in being courteous, professional and honest in our relationship
  • We believe in working as a team towards common goals
  • We expect commitment and dedication. We believe in the ability to lead and succeed