At Andrejs Management Inc., we recognize the significance of robust procedures, rules, and policies in property management. Many condominiums rely on basic rules provided by the original developer package, which may not cover all necessary aspects for effective operations. To address this gap, we have developed a comprehensive collection of customizable documents tailored to meet the unique requirements of each condominium corporation.

Customizable Documentation:

We understand that having thorough and personalized documentation is vital for ensuring smooth and successful operations. Our extensive library of customizable resources assists condominium corporations in establishing a solid framework for effective property management. We provide guidance and support to develop and implement tailored procedures, rules, and policies that enhance the overall operation of your condominium.

Rules Enforcement Policies:

We offer support in establishing effective procedures for enforcing rules, ensuring voluntary compliance, and creating necessary documentation in the event of legal proceedings. Our expertise in this area helps condominium corporations establish fair and efficient enforcement practices.

Comprehensive Rules, Policies, and Procedures:

We provide a wide range of rules, policies, and procedures that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each condominium corporation. These customizable resources cover various aspects of property management, ensuring comprehensive guidelines for day-to-day operations and decision-making.

Fire Safety Plans:

We offer complete and extensive fire safety plans, ensuring compliance with regulations and creating a safe environment for residents. These plans are tailored to the unique requirements of each condominium and cover all necessary aspects of fire safety.

Standing Orders for Security Staff:

Our comprehensive set of standing orders is designed to address every situation encountered by security personnel. These orders provide clear guidance for security staff, ensuring consistency and effective response in various scenarios.

Standard Specifications:

We provide general specifications that have been designed and reviewed by engineering firms and experts in the field. These specifications assist in tendering contracts, ensuring that all major contracts meet the necessary standards and requirements.

Collection Policies:

Our collection policies provide a step-by-step guide for collecting receivables and placing liens. By following these policies, condominium corporations can effectively manage their receivables and ensure financial stability.

Employee Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews:

We offer job descriptions for management and on-site staff that can be customized to meet specific needs. Additionally, we provide a standard performance review to rate the performance of employees, ensuring clear expectations and accountability.

Investment Policies for the Reserve Fund:

Our guidelines outline best practices for investing the corporation’s reserve fund. These policies provide insights into suitable investment strategies, helping to optimize the reserve fund’s growth while maintaining financial security.

Annual Planning Guide:

Our complete list of items to address on an annual basis, along with scheduling guidelines, helps condominium corporations stay organized and effectively plan for upcoming tasks and responsibilities.


Trust Andrejs Management Inc. to provide comprehensive and customizable documentation for establishing effective procedures, rules, and policies in property management. Our expertise and extensive resources ensure that your condominium corporation has the necessary framework in place to achieve smooth and successful operations. With our support, you can develop tailored guidelines that enhance the overall management of your property. Choose Andrejs Management Inc. to establish a solid foundation for effective property management.