At Andrejs Management Inc., we are dedicated to providing exceptional property management services in Toronto. We understand the unique needs of condominium corporations in the city and offer comprehensive administrative services to support their efficient operation. From enforcing regulations to organizing meetings and preparing essential documents, our administrative services ensure smooth communication, compliance, and a positive experience for owners and residents.

Establishment of Excellent Resident Relations:

Creating a strong sense of community is vital for Toronto condominiums. We prioritize establishing excellent resident relations by fostering open communication, addressing concerns promptly, and promoting a harmonious living environment. By nurturing positive relationships with owners and residents, we contribute to a thriving community and enhance overall satisfaction.

Enforcing Condominium Act, Declaration, By-laws, and Rules:

Compliance with regulations is essential for the effective management of Toronto condominiums. We ensure strict adherence to the Condominium Act, Declaration, by-laws, and rules, promoting fair and consistent enforcement. Our team actively monitors and addresses violations, ensuring a safe and respectful living environment for all residents.

Preparation of Status Certificates:

Status certificates are crucial during the sale or purchase of a unit in Toronto condominiums. We take responsibility for preparing accurate and comprehensive status certificates, including essential information such as financial statements, insurance details, and pending legal matters. Our attention to detail ensures transparency and facilitates smooth real estate transactions.

Preparation and Organization of Condominium Meetings:

Effective communication and collaboration are fostered through well-organized condominium meetings. We assist in the preparation and organization of all meetings, ensuring adherence to proper protocols and providing necessary documents and reports. Our participation and professional insights contribute to productive discussions and informed decision-making.

Monthly Manager’s Report and Board Attendance:

Regular reporting and attendance at board meetings are essential for transparent and efficient management. We provide a monthly manager’s report, offering key updates, project updates, and important property-related information to the Board. Our team attends all regular board meetings, actively participating and providing professional input to support strategic decision-making.

Maintaining Register of Owners:

Accurate record-keeping is essential for Toronto condominiums. We meticulously maintain a comprehensive register of owners, ensuring all relevant information is up to date and easily accessible. This facilitates effective communication, enables accurate ownership tracking, and supports overall property management.

Assistance with “Welcome” Information Package:

Welcoming new residents is a vital aspect of Toronto property management. We offer assistance in preparing a comprehensive “Welcome” information package for all new residents. This package includes valuable details about the property, community guidelines, amenities, and local services, helping new residents settle in smoothly and fostering a sense of belonging.

Assistance with Corporation’s Newsletter:

Effective communication within the community is critical for Toronto condominiums. We provide assistance, if required, in the preparation of the corporation’s newsletter. Through this platform, important updates, announcements, and community news can be shared, promoting engagement and enhancing the overall resident experience.


At Andrejs Management Inc., we are committed to enhancing property management in Toronto through comprehensive administrative services. By establishing excellent resident relations, enforcing regulations, preparing status certificates, organizing meetings, maintaining accurate records, assisting with resident onboarding, and facilitating effective communication, we ensure a positive experience for owners and residents alike. Trust Andrejs Management Inc. to deliver exceptional administrative services that enhance the efficiency and success of Toronto property management.