At Andrejs Management Inc., we believe that comprehensive training programs are key to empowering staff members and ensuring the success of property management operations. We understand the evolving nature of workplace legislation and the importance of keeping staff informed about changes to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. Through our extensive training initiatives, we provide the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance job performance and promote a culture of continuous learning.

Training Programs:

Our training programs cover a wide range of crucial areas that impact job performance in property management. These programs include Building Operations, Mechanical Systems, Air-conditioning and Ventilation, First Aid/CPR, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS), and Health & Safety. By equipping staff members with expertise in these areas, we create a knowledgeable workforce capable of effectively addressing operational challenges.

Continuous Training for Excellence:

We understand that continuous training is essential for maintaining high job performance standards. With industry practices and regulations constantly evolving, it is crucial for staff members to stay updated. Through our comprehensive training initiatives, we ensure that both our staff and the Corporation’s staff are well-prepared and equipped with the latest information and best practices. This commitment to continuous learning promotes excellence in property management operations.

Monthly Staff Meetings:

Open communication and problem-solving are vital for the success of any organization. At Andrejs Management Inc., we prioritize monthly staff meetings throughout the year. These meetings provide a platform for management and staff to discuss operational challenges, introduce new ideas, and improve working conditions. By fostering a collaborative environment and valuing the input of all team members, we enhance employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Housekeeping Training:

Maintaining cleanliness and adhering to proper cleaning methods is crucial for the overall appeal and safety of a property. At Andrejs Management Inc., we collaborate with trusted suppliers to provide comprehensive housekeeping training. Staff members receive guidance on the best methods of building cleaning and the proper use of chemicals and janitorial equipment. This training ensures that cleanliness standards are upheld, promoting a pleasant living environment for residents.

Superintendent Training:

Superintendents and maintenance staff play a pivotal role in property management. To enhance their performance, we provide comprehensive training programs tailored to their specific responsibilities. This training includes tasks such as taking daily log readings of building equipment, performing regular scheduled testing of emergency generators, reacting to power failures, maintaining building heating and cooling systems, understanding maintenance responsibilities, and accurately logging contractor time. By equipping superintendents and maintenance staff with the necessary skills and knowledge, we ensure efficient building operations.


At Andrejs Management Inc., we prioritize comprehensive training programs to empower staff members and ensure the success of property management operations. Through our training initiatives, which encompass various crucial areas, we equip staff with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles. By promoting continuous learning and providing platforms for open communication, such as monthly staff meetings, we foster a collaborative work environment. Trust Andrejs Management Inc. to provide comprehensive training programs that enhance staff performance and contribute to the success of your property management operations.