At Andrejs Management Inc., we understand that sound financial management is crucial for the success and sustainability of any property. With our expertise in property management, we offer a range of financial services tailored to meet the unique needs of each condominium corporation. From comprehensive accounting services to budget preparation and investment strategies, we are committed to achieving financial excellence and maximizing the value of your property.

Complete Accounting Services as per G.A.P.:

Our team at Andrejs Management Inc. provides complete accounting services in accordance with Generally Accepted Principles (G.A.P.). We ensure accurate financial record-keeping, including receivables and payables processing, banking transactions, and financial statement preparation. By adhering to industry standards, we provide transparent and reliable financial reporting for the Board and owners.

Timely Maintenance Fee Collection:

Timely collection of maintenance fees is crucial for the financial stability of a condominium corporation. We prioritize efficient and timely collection processes, ensuring that owners are informed of payment schedules and providing multiple payment options for their convenience. Our dedicated team follows up on outstanding balances promptly to minimize delinquencies and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Budget Preparation:

Effective budgeting is essential for planning and managing the financial resources of a condominium corporation. We assist in the preparation of annual budgets by analyzing historical data, forecasting expenses, and incorporating future financial goals. Our experienced team ensures that budgets are comprehensive, realistic, and aligned with the needs of the property.

Revenue and Expenditure Control and Analysis:

To maintain financial stability, it is important to monitor and control revenue and expenditure. Our team conducts regular analysis of financial data to identify trends, evaluate cost-saving opportunities, and optimize revenue generation. By closely monitoring financial performance, we provide recommendations to the Board for informed decision-making and improved financial outcomes.

Computerized Reporting Systems:

We leverage advanced computerized reporting systems to provide accurate and up-to-date financial information. Our reporting systems offer comprehensive insights into financial statements, budget variances, cash flow projections, and other key financial metrics. These reports empower the Board and owners to make informed decisions and assess the financial health of the condominium corporation.

Investment of Condominium Surplus Funds:

Proper management of surplus funds is essential for maximizing returns while ensuring liquidity and security. At Andrejs Management Inc., we provide guidance on investment strategies for surplus funds, considering risk tolerance, regulatory requirements, and financial goals. Our expertise helps optimize the investment of surplus funds and enhance the financial position of the condominium corporation.

Review Reserve Fund Based on an Independent Reserve Fund Study:

The reserve fund is crucial for funding future capital repairs and replacements. We recommend conducting independent reserve fund studies to assess the adequacy of the reserve fund and plan for long-term financial requirements. Based on the study’s findings, we review and update the reserve fund, ensuring it aligns with the property’s current and future needs.

Preparation of Working Papers for Auditors:

Smooth audit processes require accurate and well-prepared working papers. Our team ensures the preparation of comprehensive working papers, supporting auditors in their examination of financial records. We collaborate closely with auditors to provide all necessary documentation and facilitate a thorough and efficient audit process.


Achieving financial excellence is crucial for the success of any property management endeavor. At Andrejs Management Inc., we offer a range of financial services tailored to the unique needs of each condominium corporation. Through comprehensive accounting services, budget preparation, revenue and expenditure analysis, and strategic investment guidance, we ensure sound financial management. Trust Andrejs Management Inc. to provide the expertise and support needed to achieve financial stability and maximize the value of your property.