With over 20 years in the property management business, we at Andrejs have the experience and knowledge to effectively manage your Condominium. We have an enthusiastic team comprised of Senior Managers, Property Managers Assistants, Accounting and Administrative staff. We have worked hard to understand what our clients need, and have designed and developed new resources to better the operation of the Condominiums we manage. Not only are we committed to improvement, we also pride ourselves in providing a consistent level of dedicated service to our clients.


The Condominium Industry is constantly changing. The Laws that govern the operation of Condominiums changed recently, technology changes at a fast pace. We are committed to adapt to these changes and are constantly up-grading our systems. It is because of our ability to stay abreast of the changes and become efficient in our operations that we have managed to be more competitive in the market place and have retained a large Condominium client base.


We have taken the time and asked our clients what they expected from us. They had concerns about financial reporting, cost control, property maintenance, administration, and resident and employee relations. We found that our clients' goals closely reflected our own objectives. Our clients have set high performance standards for us and we are committed to serve your Condominium at such a level.

We hope that our knowledge and understanding of your requirements and our commitment to highest standards in this industry, as well as the continuity that we can provide will allow us to become your Manager for many years to come.